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Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
in brentwood, kron four news >> crime in the city of berkeley is up. according to the police chief. one crime rate category that has skyrocketed. is cases of rape. kron four's philippe djegal reports on the staggering year to year increase. >> reporter: in 2012. the berkeley police department says there were 39 reported rape cases. nine of those were attempted rapes. compared to 20 rapes in 2011. that's a 95-percent rise from year to year. investigations captain andy greenwood saying during a tuesday night crime report presentation to the city council. that the overwhelming majority of the rapes happened in the neighborhoods surrounding the u-c berkeley campus. where there is a dense student population. police say alcohol and or drugs were inolved in almost half of the cases. police say none of the attacks involved a stranger entering a home. and, only two involved a stranger on the street. police say the majority of the victims were raped by and acquaintance, friend, or people involved in past dating relationships. investigators here at the police department say there is no clear reason for
Feb 21, 2013 11:00pm PST
the administration building of city college in san francisco tonight. they're planning to stay there all night from testing a series of budget cuts recommended by the state accreditation board. the students say they want to talk to the chancellor face to face and discuss options to those cuts that would affect basically every facet of school's operation. the students entered conlin hall early in the afternoon and have promised to stay until their demands are met. >> we're calling on the chancellor to side with us and help the school. because we have a solution on thousand save the school without the cuts. unfortunately the chancellor has sited with the administration. we're calling that prop funds are given to the school, making sure the accreditation committee is exposed for what they are because they are not really helping our school. >> reporter: the building officially closed at 5:30 but protesters were allowed to stay as long as they remained peaceful. several campus police officers are standing by in the building to make sure the group doesn't get out of hand. >>> family and friends gather to
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2